We made 'em blue.

We like taking songs that we love and strike our spirits and filtering them through our blue lens: shoegaze, atmospheric, acoustic covers of songs by Alcest, Kerli, M83, but also Gojira, Sia, Imogen Heap. Videos for all these songs are available on our YouTube channel.



The meaning of the word

A Telesthesia is a supernatural perception of feeling through long distances. It can be a sound, a vision, or even a presence. We did experience this singular phenomenon, and it was scary at the beginning. But then, with time, we became used to it and even started to love it. Until, eventually, it disappeared without a reason...

"Compared to some tedious interpretations of the shoegaze, Caelestis show a superior melodic trait achieving a structure of the songs expressed, by the way, with an elegance hard to find into competitors' music." [IYEzine]



My heart is a sun

Literally, "Heliocardio" means sun-heart. It's a new word we invented to talk about the feeling of sweet burning one experiences during spiritual/sentimental revelations. This EP mixes post-rock and progressive elements with neoclassical atmospheric arpeggios.

"The cycle of life, time, thoughtfulness, loneliness and the uniqueness of a human bond are among the main themes of Caelestis' music." [Metallized]