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If you have any ideas, questions or anything; if you want to talk with us or even work with us and bake off some badass music; if you are looking for some merch... well, you can write us a line to

Social and other

In the case you were wondering about how you could reach us on every possible channel, you are going to find everything you need in our footer and/or top bar .


Underground Metal Alliance

We are partners with Italian organization called "Underground Metal Alliance". It is an awesome project, born to support and promote the underground rock and metal scene. Are you in a band too? Well, what are you waiting for? Enter the U.M.A. now to receive many kinds of benefits! Here the contacts are:

Mail: HERE.

Official Website: HERE

Ronin Agency

Another promotion service we are using is Ronin Agency. They believe that every band needs a professional promotion on the web to be discovered by people in real life. They provide amazing services and are looking for bands to enter their roster. Contacts:

Mail: HERE.

Official Website: HERE


Caelestis' graphic designer

This whole website, the graphics on it, and all the Caelestis-related artworks and videos are made by Cataldo Cappiello's personal freelance graphic design agency: ExNovo Graphics. Want a band logo? an artwork? Even a professional website for your activity? Choose ExNovo! Contacts:

Portfolio: HERE.

Facebook Page: HERE


Where our music comes to life

All of our latest production was patiently and passionately crafted within Twilight Studio. Here we record, mix and master our songs, record videos and rehearse for live shows.

Find them on their Facebook page: Twilight Studio - Recording & Mastering