An overview

In the Buddhist culture the Blue Lotus represents the universe and the soul's pureness and that's why it is considered a sacred flower. We believe that a pure and bright music with its positive vibes has the power to reconnect man to nature and in this idea we find the essence of our art.

Our journey began as a multifaceted one man band and led us to who we are today: a duo creating soothing Atmospheric/Shoegaze music. Our music is melodic and dreamy and we like to define it "Blue music" because of its tones, metaphors and lyrics' contents. Blue is indeed the color of serenity, calmness and it's always been connected to the spirituality wherever in the world, when humanity looked for something deeper and more significant. In the Blue Lotus we traditionally and symbolically find and see this light and this research of inner peace which puts our artistic path directly in contact with Buddhism and with the other Oriental philosophies, in our case through a positive and vibrant soundscape

Some quotes

"A new Caelestis' work always deserves a certain attention. Musical structures and lyrics' deep contents require it. The whole Caelestis concept is something that attracts and asks listeners' senses to be ready to receive its messages." Metalhead

We have to recognize to Caelestis, besides a chameleon-like many-sidedness, the capacity to transform romantic and ethereal atmospheres into music, never drifting into pop music's levity or into an end to itself melancholy." Metalitalia

"The Caelestis project continues evolving and developing itself, providing all the lovers of this kind of music (...) interesting sparks and sonorities in which is possible to rest and to get lost." Mondo Metal